World's Largest Axiom Audio Installation
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Axiom Audio:

Full disclosure:  I was born and raised in the small town Ingersoll, Ontario and I got my first Axiom speakers in 1986 (a subwoofer/satellite system that is still being used today) after my brother got some AX5’s a few years earlier.

I ended up in Manhattan Beach, CA and we just completed our “dream house”.  While we live comfortably, we’re not rich and so the technology in the house needed to evenly balance three important criteria:  performance, cost and aesthetics.

So, let me say this right off – there are better sounding Axiom installations out there.  Our rooms are not optimally shaped and, we were driven by a desire to balance aesthetics and performance.  That said, I’ll stack this up against any other system that let’s you watch dolphins playing the surf while checking the scores on TV or listening to some great jazz.

Many of our neighbors have dedicated subterranean theaters but who wants to go down to a dungeon with a view like this?

We’re now settling in and really enjoying our music and DVDs with guests without the technology intruding into our design.

We also have a kid’s loft which needs to get its own TV, Epic surround system and gaming console.  And my office looks to get its own Epic system as well but that’s all going to have to wait a few months.  After all, if we had everything done, what else would we have to look forward to?

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