World's Largest Axiom Audio Installation
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We chose the Architectural speakers in Light Maple with dark gray grilles to minimize the look.  We also set the front speakers and television back 5” to further provide a built-in look rather than having things “protrude” into the room.

Double front W22s and W150s with QS8 sides and rears means unbalanced 2 - 6 ohm loads powered by an indestructible 8-channel Axiom amplifier putting out hundreds of watts per channel.  A Denon 4308 is used as a pre-amp in the main theater and powers the library. 

An EP600 horizontal subwoofer is upfront and the room is pre-wired for the addition of an EP500 rear just in case  . . .

The front speakers are spaced to allow for up to an 88” screen when that becomes available so we're "making due" with a 65" Pioneer Elite Pro (with anti-reflective treatment).

The rear door fully slides into the wall opening the room up onto the deck which can be heated using radiant heat for evenings al fresco.  We used radiant heating for the house since it is both silent and cost-effective for the few days when we need heat.

Special mention to Avant Technologies of Carson, CA who pre-wired the whole house using Axiom speaker cable, Axiom speaker cable ends, Axiom subwoofer cables, DVI Gear HDMI cables, and Berk-tec Lanmark 2000 Cat 6e cables (providing a certified Gigabit Ethernet network).



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